Randolph Hall – Original Painting

Built in 1828–29, The College of Charleston’s Randolph Hall is one of the oldest college buildings still in use in the U.S. Named for the 11th president of the College (Harrison Randolph), Randolph Hall served as the main academic building on campus for many years. Today, it is used primarily for administrative offices, although it still contains some classrooms. The main meeting area, located on the second floor, is called Alumni Memorial Hall. Many of the College’s formal ceremonies and announcements take place here. National Historic Landmark.

This published painting has 1295 Limited Edition Prints as lithographs on paper – available HERE.

Jim wished for all of his remaining original paintings to be used to benefit charity and/or various organizations.

Image Size:  24″ x 36″

On Display:  Soon to be on display at the College of Charleston

Who Benefited:  The College of Charleston Foundation – Donated October 2022