Print Values

Looking For Damage

Make sure to look over your print well for damage as some flaws are hard to see! Prints may have dents, scratches, mold, water damage, etc. Hold the print at different angles in good light and scan the entire surface for flaws. If a print is shrink wrapped (plastic wrap) or framed under glass it may be hard to see the imperfections. If it is a valuable piece you may want to ask to examine the print out from under the shrink wrapping or glass.

Also make sure the print is not faded. Faded prints have a blue hue/wash to them. Check our images in our portfolio to see what the colors should look like. The prints that have a history of fading worst are those from the mid 1980's and earlier. Fade proof inks did not exist then so prints for that time will fade even under “normal" indoor house lighting!! Any print, no matter when it was printed, will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for hours a day. UV proof, conservation quality, glass can block 99% of UV rays for framing older prints or protecting any art from harsh sunlight.