At Jim Booth Art Gallery we are focused on giving back while both protecting and growing the value of Jim’s art for all of our loyal customers.  We do not give away any reproductions as this would completely devalue Jim’s art for all his past, loyal, customers.  Jim worked endlessly his entire career to both protect and maintain the value of his reproductions.  Jim’s original paintings will be sold or auctioned in ways to bring the highest prices possible as all the funds from Jim’s original paintings go to charity.

After working at the gallery side-by-side with her father for over 20 years, Jim’s daughter Diana Booth continues the business with a focus to uphold the quality of Jim’s art and how it is handled as well as maintaining the value Jim created for his work through his loyal customer base.  


Jim Booth

Charleston, SC artist Jim Booth has been painting scenes from the city, Lowcountry, and beyond for 50 years. Over 70 different images are available as lithographs on paper in Limited Edition Prints, Classic Edition Posters and Mini Cards.

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