Secondary Market

Secondary Market

The Secondary Market consists of individuals selling their personal copies of sold out, Limited Edition Prints, Prints and original paintings. Ebay, Craigs List, Market Place and Charleston’s local newspaper – The Post and Courier, are the best places to buy and sell on the Secondary Market.

We do not buy back Jim's work – prints or original paintings.

Historically pieces sold for 1/3 – 1/2 of the Insurance Value but we’ve seen the full range from original issue price all the way to full insurance value (both of which are very rare).  Jim published his last insurance sheet at the time of his retirement in 2018.

Original paintings will need to be appraised by an Art Appraiser in order to determine an Insurance Value, and from there a selling price can be determined. 

Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered (S/N), Prints are listed on our Insurance Sheet.

Artist Proofs (A/P), Environmental Print (ENV), and Save the Light Prints (STL) are valued at 1 1/2 times that of a Signed & Numbered (S/N) print. So if a S/N print is listed at $1000 the A/P’s insurance value is $1500.

Classic Edition Posters and Mini Cards do not increase in value as they unlimited & can always be reprinted. For a detailed picture and text guide to determining what kind of print you have Click here .