Twilight – Original Painting

One of Jim’s favorite sunset spots was this location at Crosby’s Seafood (on Folly Road headed towards Folly Beach).  This is one of the few originals that Jim hung in his own home!  Jim painted this acrylic on canvas in 1992. The painting is in it’s original frame with an outside dimension of 44″ x 32″.  From the original sales brochure:  “Twilight is one of those sunsets that combines exploding colors of reflecting prisms of light.  Only in the lowcountry can one experience the vastness of the marshes meeting the majesty of the sky.  While one sits in awe of this sunset, there are endless and much more splendid ones on the horizon.”

825 Limited Edition Prints were produced as lithographs on paper.  These prints sold out in a few years.

Jim wished for all of his remaining original paintings to be used to benefit charity and/or be put on display for public enjoyment.

Image Size:  24″ x 36″

Frame Size:  32″ x 44″

How to Purchase:  Available in the future

Who Benefited: 
TBD after the sale of the painting.