White Point Garden’s Gazebo


A beautiful day at White Point Gardens on the battery point – Charleston, SC peninsula.  The famed gazebo is a popular location for relaxing, photo shoots, and weddings.

Jim painted “White Point Gardens Gazebo” as a set with “Battery Cannons” (See set in the second image).  Signed and Numbered Prints (S/N) can be purchased as individual images or as a matching numbered set.  Artist Proof Prints (A/P) are only available as matching number sets with “Battery Cannons” (price includes both A/P Prints).

Limited Edition Prints – Available
Mini Cards – Available

Canvas Prints – Discontinued

Classic Edition Posters – Never Printed


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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

     – Available (see above)
     – Release Year – 2009
     – Certificate of Authenticity – Yes

     – Signed & Numbered ( S/N )- Edition Size 2000
     – Artist Proof (A/P ) – Edition Size 200

     – Image Size18 1/2″ x 12 1/8

Mini Card

Mini Card

     – Available (see above)
     – Edition Size Unlimited
     – Image Size  4 7/8″ x 3 1/8″

Framing Information

Framing Information

– All images are sold unframed only.

– The Limited Edition Print with a 2.5″ matting will fit a standard 18″ x 24″ frame.

– A Mini Card when framed as a single image is proportionate to a 1.5″ matting.  The finished frame size varies but it will be close to 8.25″ x 6.25″.  Mini Cards can also be grouped together based on theme and/or color.  These groupings can be displayed with each card framed individually or with multiple cards framed together!