The Folly Pier – Sold Out

Jim’s “Folly Pier” takes us back to Big Bands and shagging to beach music!   Folly Beach, SC always has a great pier to visit – now on it’s fourth version!  This was the second Folly Beach Pier which stood from 1960 until it burned down in 1977.  Jim often put his family, friends, and neighbors in his paintings with people…this painting even features Elvis!  Jim also painted the 1st Folly Pier in “Good Ol’Days” and the 3rd Folly Pier in “Surf’s Up!!”.  A great article on the different Folly Beach Piers can be read HERE.

All of Jim’s published paintings of the Folly Pier can be seen under the Folly Pier Tag.

Limited Edition Prints:  Sold Out

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Certificate of Authenticity – No
Release Year – 1991
Issue Price – $85

Canvas Prints – Never Produced

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