Admirals Quarters A – Original Painting

The Admiral’s Quarters A at the Charleston Naval Yard/Naval Base is a physical reminder of the commanding role the Naval Base played in the development of Charleston and in the defense of the United States. Prominently situated upon a hilltop overlooking the Base grounds, the Admiral’s house stands now a silent sentinel watching over its history and the contributions of thousands. The acquaintances made, friendships forged and a great sense of pride in what was accomplished here will endure forever for all who were a part of Charleston Naval Yard/Naval Base from 1901 to 1996. You can visit the Admiral’s Quarters on the grounds of the North Charleston Riverfront Park.  The house was renovated and is now available for events through the City of North Charleston HERE!

This published painting has 1295 Limited Edition Prints as lithographs on paper.   The Signed and Numbered Prints are still available for purchase HERE.

Jim wished for all of his remaining original paintings to be used to benefit charity and/or various organizations.

Image Size:  24″ x 42″

Frame Size:  Unframed

On Display:  Not on public display at this time

How to Purchase:  Details Coming Soon!

Who Benefited:  Details Coming Soon